Thursday, September 3, 2015

Wet, Drooley Rraspberries

Today has not been a productive day. Since becoming a stay at home mommy I have all these aspirations, ideas, strategies, and organizational plots to become SUPER MOM!

Today I would have settled for functioning mom. Notice the lack of glory in this title, no capital letters.

To break it down, I've been working on limiting my pepsi, my first step being to limit myself to 1-2 cans a day. Right now I'm dying for a third! Just because it's been one of THOSE days. The only thing I accomplished was making a to do list, which I did not do.

I did not work out (although this was a somewhat conscious decision since I was limping up and down the stairs all day due to the after effects of yesterdays work out. Which is better than last time I started working out. One work out and the next day I was bouncing down the steps on my butt, because it hurt WAY TO BAD to use my legs. So, eh, some improvement.)

I guess I can say my family is fed (although I'm not really sure it counts when your husband picks up take out) and my baby is clean, happy, and in the bed.

Bedtime tonight was a fun little game. Ro-Ro was past tired tonight, he'd been up a little too long and instead of a quick nap I decided on an early bed time. We did bed time routine, bath and a story, then a last feeding for the night.

At the end of his feeding he was fast asleep, so as I go to transition him to his sleep suit and bed, he of course wakes up. I don't mind some snuggles in the rocker before I lay him down and he's so sleepy, I assure myself he'll be back out in seconds.

But as I'm rocking him, in an obvious attempt to try and stay awake, he begins practicing his new trick. Blowing raspberries. Big wet drooley raspberries. With his paci still in his mouth. It was quite a feat. And he was very proud. But it wasn't sufficient entertainment and he had to succumb to sleep.

I think I should follow him and try again tomorrow for the SUPER MOM title. I have to admit though, its hard to feel too defeated with a sweet, round, butterball baby, blowing wet, drooley raspberries just for his mommy.


  1. I'm not in this post : ( #dissapointed Hahahaha

  2. treasure those moments, too soon they will be just a memory (((hugs)))